KINDLY READ AND FOLLOW the PROCEDURE below BEFORE you FILL-UP the application form for online registration. Not following the instructions may cause delays or invalidate your application.

I. For New Students and Transferees

(K-12, College, Teachers Certification Program (TCP) & Graduate School)


Step #1: On the OCI’s website OPEN/GO to the ADMISSION page to READ and be INFORMED of the REQUIREMENTS for enrollment and admission into the school;


    • There will be NO ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS AND INTERVIEWS during the application phase, since Social Distancing is being observed. However, ALL incoming new students of the school will be placed under “PROBATIONARY” period of one year (SY 2020-21) for the Elementary, JHS & SHS, and one semester (1st Sem SY 2020-21) for the College, TCP (Prof Ed) and Post Grad School.
    • Incoming Grades 7 and 11 and all College Freshmen are REQUIRED TO SUBMIT their PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RESULT to the School Clinic BEFORE the opening of classes.

Step #2: AFTER READING the requirements, Click on and Enter the “Online Registration” page on the Taskbar at the top of your screen;

a. Fill out the registration form and follow the instructions therein;

b. Upload the forms required in the process;

c.  For purposes of this online registration, K-12 enrollees/applicants are ONLY required to submit to the school via EMAIL, SCANNED or PICTURED copies of the DOCUMENTS REQUIRED therein, including their PSA Birth Certificate, Form 138  Report Cards, etc.


    • For the Grades 1-12 enrollees/applicants, the report card to be submitted must have complete grades up to the last quarter and with final average, signed by the school administrators and with remark. “Promoted to the next level”. If all the necessary data are in the report card, scan or picture it back to back.
    • In case the K-12 enrollee does not have, for the meantime his/her Form 138 or PSA birth certificate, s/he can SUBMIT the same thru email WITHIN 45 DAYS from the acceptance of his/her Admission. This goes the SAME with new students and transferees in College, TCP & Graduate School for their required documents.
    • For Transferees, the accomplished forms coming from your former schools should be forwarded to the OCI email address by the officials of your former school and not by your parents.
    • UNDERTAKING: You, the applicant, AGREE that PENDING THE SUBMISSION of REQUIREMENTS, your ADMISSION is TEMPORARY and CONDITIONAL, and it can be cancelled and revoked for the REPEATED and CONTINIOUS FAILURE or REFUSAL to submit the same.

Step #3: Click on which Department you would want to register for enrollment;

Step #4: Once inside the page, proceed to FILL-UP the Fields/Blank Spaces. You will be guided as you proceed through the process.

FOR ASSISTANCE: Text or Call 0951-164-8443 or Call Direct to Tel. Nos. (045) 628-3238 or (045) 982-0245.

Step #5: AFTER COMPLETING your online registration, you will WAIT for an EMAIL or SMS text from the school APPROVING or DISAPPROVING your online application for registration.

    • If registration is APPROVED, you will RECEIVE via email from the school, a NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT AND INSTRUCTION TO PAY the assessed tuition and other school fees, and continue to Step # 6;
    • If registration is DISAPPROVED, set of instructions and details will be attached in the EMAIL and or SMS regarding the disapproval of your registration.

Step #6: Once you RECEIVE your NOTICE of Assessment and Instruction for payment, you may PAY the fees IN ACCORDANCE WITH the directions in the notice;

Step #7: SCAN or PICTURE your PROOF of payment of the REQUIRED Tuition & Other fees, such as the Bank Deposit Slip, if you paid thru a school accredited bank, and SEND it thru your EMAIL to the school’s website;

Step #8: AFTER the school has VERIFIED and CONFIRMED your payment, you shall RECEIVE your NOTICE OF ADMISSION and a CONFIRMATION of your ENROLLMENT.

II. For Old Students

(Grades 1-12, College, TCP [Prof Ed] & Graduate School)

Instruction: Follow Steps #1 to # 8 above where the same is APPLICABLE to you, BUT WITHOUT complying anymore with the REQUIREMENTS prescribed for New Students and Transferees