Our Vision

The Osias Colleges, Inc. (OCI) shall be a center of excellence in academic and technological education, in pursuit of a greater quality of life to uplift the socio-economic development of its environment and the country as a whole

Our Mission

The Osias Colleges, Inc. (OCI) is committed to develop, promote, and sustain quality and relevant programs in academic and technological education imbued with openness and respect for others, self-worthiness, international outlook, academic excellence, social responsibility and accountability empowered professionally and globally competitive in the field of work.

Our Goals

  • To develop excellent leaders who are fully equipped with administrative and supervisory skills in the discipline of Teacher Education, Educational and Behavioural Management and Business Management.

  • To prepare professionals in the education recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, research, scholarship, outreach service and leadership.

  • To ensure graduates of effective and efficient knowledge, self-less attributes, and productive skills competitive in the business field of work.

  • To develop graduates shaped by social values through processes of criminal justice in the preservation and protection of social order in a democratic society in aid of national development and nation building.

  • To provide relevant trainings to acquire knowledge, skills and desirable attitude towards work in accordance with industry standards