Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology

Degree Name

The degree program described herein shall be called Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology

Nature of the field of Study

Preparing th students for the Certified Accounting Technician(CAT) Licensure examination for employment  in private establishment and public sector (government agencies) are subsidiary  objectives which  should judiciously  blend with the primary  goal of preparing students for a successful long term  accounting  career.

Degree/ Program Goals

Equip  the students  with specific skills for entry job into the BPO Industry and  accounting profession. Among the opportunity jobs of the graduates are:

Entry Level Positions

  • Financial Statement Preparers
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting Staff
  • Management Accounting Staff
  • Tax Accounting Staff
  • Internal Audit Staff
  • Financial Analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Cost Accountant

Middle Level Positions

  • Comptroller
  • Senior Information Internal Auditor
  • Senior Fraud Examiner
  • Senior Forensic Internal Auditor
  • Financial Service  Manager (Commerce  & Industry and Government Sectors)

Advance Positions

  • Chief Financial  Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Vice President for Finance (for GOCC’S)